Weird Wildlife Wednesday: What’s that all about?


First of all, it’s a fun alliteration. But it is also a regular series of posts I am going to be starting this week.

Once a week, I am going to post a “Weird Wildlife Wednesday” with a picture of and fun facts about a unique or unusual species (could be plant or could be animal). Sometimes it may be an endangered species, sometimes it may be a recently extinct species, and sometimes it may just be a species that I think is really weird. I think we all know about the big fun animals like great white sharks, polar bears, elephants, moose, etc., but there are a lot of interesting creatures out there that people often overlook. I hope to give those creatures their 15 minutes of fame.

If you have a suggestion for a species you would like to see spotlighted, email or comment on this post. I don’t guarantee I’ll do all of them, but I will try as many as possible.


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