Bieber’s Capuchin


Absolutely ridiculous. Sure, we all probably wanted a cool exotic pet as a child, but usually our parents are the voice of reason and then we grow up to learn that these animals are wild and not pets. I recently came across a story about Justin Bieber and his pet capuchin (if you aren’t aware, that’s a type of monkey). So many celebrities think its perfectly fine to have pets like this. But when Justin didn’t have the appropriate paperwork while on tour in Germany, his monkey was seized from him. He was given the opportunity to pick the monkey up once getting all the required papers but instead of doing this, he let it stay in the animal shelter for weeks until it was finally transferred to a wildlife park when he failed to retrieve him. Now the capuchin will live out the rest of his days with other capuchins in a place with trained professionals to take care of him.

To recap, not only did he have a wild animal as a pet, he didn’t carry the proper paperwork for it, and then he failed to take responsibility when the animal was seized and instead just ignored the issue.

If you ask me, the capuchin is in a much better situation now. He won’t be hauled around all over the world, he will get to enjoy the company of other members of his species and be taken care of by people who know what they’re doing.

Here is a link to the original story.


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  1. Wildlife TV says:

    The animal is definitely better at a wildlife park. It looks so young from the video. Poor monkey.
    I just hope they manage to integrate him with a nice capuchin group. They are highly social (and intelligent) animals and after spending some time with Bieber I’m sure he needs a very deserved rest..


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