Weird Wildlife Wednesday: Chinese Pangolin


The Chinese Pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) shall be this weeks subject for Weird Wildlife Wednesday. This oddball, found in China and surrounding asian countries, like many endangered animals from this region, is over hunted because of believed medicinal benefits. These guys look like some kind of Pokemon or dragon or dinosaur and because of this are often overlooked for other cuddly creatures like the Great Panda.

Chinese Pangolin Source Link
Chinese Pangolin
Source Link

Found in a variety of habitats, pangolins are fairly adaptable, but overhunting and general habitat loss are their biggest threats. Being insectivores, they feed primarily on ants and termites and are related to commonly known critters like anteaters and armadillos. They’re a pretty solitary animal so without sufficient information, population estimates are lacking, though they are classified as endangered.


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