Happy Little Rescue Fox :)

Such a precious little fox! When she was very young, Dawn the fox was found by some people who, thinking she was a puppy, took her to a dog rescue. By the time she was old enough that someone realized she was a fox, it was too late. She was already habituated. Luckily, she was able to be relocated to a wildlife sanctuary to live with others of her own kind.

Foxes, and similar wildlife like raccoons and bears, can easily habituate to humans. They quickly learn who is feeding them and taking care of them. Unfortunately, not all humans are good, so when these habituated animals go up to a bad human in the wild, it can mean bad-news-bears for them. So if you ever see an injured animal, never try to take care of it yourself, take it to the nearest licensed wildlife rehabilitator. This link will take you to a site of rehabilitators listed by state.



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