A Beary Lucky Grizzly Bear

Image Source: Colorado State University
Image Source: Colorado State University

Just over a month ago, Marley, a 300 pound grizzly bear was rescued from a sketchy roadside attraction in Georgia where she, along with about 17 other bears, were kept in cement pits where people could pay to feed them. The 7-year old bear and her companions were rescued and moved to the Wild Animal SanctuaryΒ in Keenesburg, CO where they could have plenty of space to roam and live as naturally as possible. Shortly after arriving at the sanctuary, keepers noticed she wasn’t putting weight on her front legs. She was sedated and brought to Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital where x-rays were taken of both front legs. That’s when a grizzly discovery was made.

Marley had fractures in not one, but both of her front legs. To make matters worse, the fractures were over a month old and one of the fractures was infected. It was decided that she would undergo surgery to repair the limbs and to take care of the infection. Marley’s surgery went well and her recovery, though ongoing, went smoothly. She is expected to live another 20 years so long as no other medical conditions crop up.

Though Marley’s life began in a sad and oppressed place, the humans who have stepped in to rescue her, repair her, and care for her have ensured that her life will be long and happy. The video below was posted by Colorado State University and features some of the commentary of the doctors who worked on her.

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