It’s safe to say my love of succulents has grown into a bit of an obsession. My collection started with a few plants when we were deciding on flowers for our wedding last year, and its doubled and tripled since then. This is all because I learned to propagate them, or grow new ones from leaves and clippings. A friend asked me the other day “how do you know where to clip?”

From leaves:

Step 1: Select a leaf on the plant you want to propagate, and disconnect it from the plant with your fingers at the base of the leaf where it connects to the stem. You do not want to use scissors to cut the leaf.


Step 2: Allow the leaves to dry for a couple of days so that the ends of them form calluses. The leaf may start to look a little shriveled but this is okay.

Step 3: Fill a tray or pot with well draining dirt. Once a callus has formed on the end of the leaf, place it on top of the dirt and spritz with water. Do not put the end of the leaf in the dirt, as it will start to rot and not grow.

Step 4: Place the pot or tray in a sunny area, and continue to spritz your leaves lightly every day or every other day. Within a few weeks, a root will start to grow, and a little baby succulent will start to form on the end of the leaf.


From cuttings:

Step 1: Select a section of succulent a few inches long and cut it at an angle about an inch below a leaf. You will want to use scissors for this.


Step 2: Like with leaves, you will want to allow it to dry for a couple of days to form a callus where you cut.

Step 3: Fill a pot with well draining dirt and plant the cutting in it up to the level of the bottom leaf. Place it in a sunny area.


Step 4: You will need to keep the soil damp by watering every day or two until it starts to form roots, being careful not to overwater. Overwatering can cause the stem to rot. After a couple of weeks, you will notice your plant start to grow.

Succulents are great plants for regions that don’t get a lot of rain because of their drought resistance. Once you have established plants, you can get away with thoroughly watering them just once a week or every two weeks.

Best of luck!