National Geographic’s Women of Impact

Photo from the Women of Impact (by National Geographic) Facebook page

Today I joined the most amazing Facebook group, made by National Geographic, called Women of Impact. As I read through the posts by other new members introducing themselves and explaining how they impact the world, I couldn’t help but feel a little out of place. These women are humanitarians, educators, healthcare providers, conservationists, advocates, and so much more. How could I possibly deserve to be in their ranks? But as I continued reading, I realized that this is the whole point of the group; to empower other women, every woman to make a difference and shine their light.

So why do I feel like I don’t belong? As I looked inside for a little bit of self reflection, I realized that it may be something that has just been engrained in me since I entered the workforce. I’m a veterinary nurse and we are already under appreciated, under paid, and over worked. Adding on to that, working with wildlife puts me in a very competitive niche of the veterinary field. When I first started this job, I definitely felt a little imposter syndrome. I am the youngest member of the veterinary team where I work. Don’t get me wrong, my coworkers here are great, but I have definitely worked in some not so great places. In my career, I have had my suggestions not taken seriously. I have been ignored when I say something, and then a man is given the credit when he essentially repeats me. For the physically demanding aspects of my job, the men often assume I am not strong enough to lift or carry heavy things on my own.

But the truth is, I do deserve to be in the Women of Impact group. I worked hard to get to where I am. I am strong. I advocate for animals. I fight for conservation. I try to live as green as I can and encourage those around me to do the same. I volunteer. I donate to organizations who are making a difference.

I think every woman who is doing their best to try to change the world for the better deserves to be in this inspiring group.

I’ll end this post with a quote that I think applies: “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

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