Meet me in St. Louis, Louis!

After a flight delay and switching planes due to a broken air conditioning system, we are finally on the first leg of our return flight to California. We had a lovely quick trip to St. Louis for my birthday. It was full of baseball, frozen custard, the zoo, pool time, and Imo’s Pizza. Most importantly, we spent some quality time with our family.

One of my favorite St. Louis attractions is the zoo. The St. Louis Zoo has been twice voted the best zoo in the country on the Reader’s Choice 10 Best list from USA Today. It’s earned this title through its diverse animal collection, beautiful exhibits, conservation efforts, its location in Forest Park, and it’s free admission. The zoo also hosts a variety of family friendly events year round. On this trip, we went to Jungle Boogie, a concert series hosted at the zoo on Friday evenings in the summer. There we saw a great local band, Griffin and the Gargoyles, who happened to be the band for our wedding just over a year ago.


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Another must-do stop on our trip was a visit to Busch Stadium for a Cardinals baseball game. It was very hot, but luckily our seats were under a covered area so there was some shade. Unfortunately, there was not much of a breeze. Despite the weather, there was a decent turn out for the Thursday day game. I have never been to a Cardinals game that wasn’t packed with fans. They are truly the best fans in baseball.


Following the game, we headed to another St. Louis staple, Ted Drewe’s. This frozen custard shop has been a summer hit for decades. My parents often reminisce about dates there when they first started seeing each other. With concretes, sundaes, and locally named concoctions, you’re sure to find something on the menu for everyone. It wouldn’t be a summer in St. Louis without a trip Ted Drewe’s.


I spent our final day enjoying my in-laws backyard pool with my adorable 3yr old niece, only heading inside for some Imo’s Pizza at lunch time. St. Louis style pizza isn’t for everyone, but for those of us born and raised there, Imo’s Pizza is the best. The thin crust pizza is covered in delicious provel cheese (a combo of cheddar, swiss, and provolone cheeses). And let’s not forget the toasted ravioli. I know I can’t find this on the menu anywhere in California, so in case you don’t know, toasted ravioli is basically just breaded and deep fried ravioli that you dip in marinara sauce and it is amazing.


And here we are at the close of the trip. Unfortunately, I’m heading home with several mosquito bites and a bit of a sunburn despite frequently applying sunscreen. Oh well, that’s what aloe vera is for.


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