The Fitness Files: Heartcore

Today I tried a new fitness class called Heartcore and, let me tell you, this class was hardcore. The workout uses a Megaformer through a series of exercises that can best be described as a blend between Pilates and CrossFit.


This was my first time using the Megaformer, a machine made up of stationary platforms, a moving carriage, and a system of pulleys and straps. The machine can be a little confusing at first, but my class instructor walked me through its use prior to class starting. While use of the machine made sense, the workout it provides was anything but easy.

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Now, I suppose I have to tell you about the workout itself. The workout was very intense. Even on the lowest intensity for the machine, my body was quaking. My instructor tried to help me with form and with modifications to the exercises since I am new. Unfortunately, I still had a hard time keeping up, keeping proper form, and completing all of the sequences.

I have done other work out classes before (yoga, mat pilates, barre, bootcamp, etc) and done alright. I think this workout just may not be the right one for me, at least not in my current level of fitness, but if you’re a little more fit or have used one of these machines before, you might enjoy and succeed at this workout class.

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