The Fitness Files: SoulCycle


After having little success at Heartcore last week, I decided to switch it up this week and try a more cardio focused class, rather than a strength focused one. I chose SoulCycle. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably at least heard the name SoulCycle. It is a high intensity spin class that incorporates rhythm-based choreography to create a full body workout. The class is loud, upbeat, and led by a charismatic instructor.

When I arrived for my first class, I was greeted with a warm welcome and given a pair of riding cleats that lock into the petals. Once inside the studio, an employee assisted me with setting up my bike, and showed me how to raise and lower the resistance depending on your personal limits and what the instructor asks of you. I was also given a set of hand weights for the arms part of the workout.

The class was 45-minutes long, and I was sweating right from the beginning. The class was made up of a diverse group of people, both men and women of varying ages and fitness levels. By the time I dismounted from my bike at the end, my legs felt like jello and I felt energized. I will definitely be attending more classes in the future!


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