The Fitness Files: RockSalt Pilates


Yesterday, continuing my journey to find a new workout routine, I decided to try a class at RockSalt Pilates. This pilates studio offers three different types of classes: stretch, strength, and sweat. Stretch, the beginner level class that introduces you to the workout, is what I took. Strength involves more use of weights and strength training. And Sweat is a higher intensity cardio class. They recommend taking a few Stretch and Strength classes prior to trying a Sweat class.

All three class types use a reformer machine and props such as a ball, circle, hand weights, kettlebell, etc. While Stretch is the more beginner level class, it is still a challenging full-body workout. The class size is small, so the instructor is able to really focus on each participant and help you with modifications when you are struggling with a certain move.

I really enjoyed this class. It was similar to the HeartCore class I took a few weeks ago, but felt more achievable for beginners. I look forward to taking more classes, and working my way up to Strength and Sweat.


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