Take enough trips, and you start to get a routine down when it comes time to pack. Thanks to my type A personality, I always make a packing list to make sure I don’t forget anything important. These items are always in my carry-on:

1. A variety of entertainment options. I get bored easily, so I like to have at least two forms of entertainment, and more for longer flights. This could be my kindle with a good book, my iPad with movies and t.v. shows, a little sudoku or crossword book, and my iPhone with music, audiobooks, games, or podcasts.

2. A change of clothes.  If I’m not packing for my entire trip in a carry-on bag, I always pack at least one change of clothes. If your luggage gets lost or delayed, you’ll be glad you did it. Plus, it’s nice to change and feel fresh after a long overnight flight.

3. Snacks. Airplane snacks on shorter flights are often bland and small. There’s usually not a lot of variety, even if you’re willing to pay. On longer flights, you don’t get much choice in your meal options and the snacks are few and far between.

4. My reusable water bottle. It’s so easy to get dehydrated on a plane. The air is dry, you’re sitting around doing nothing, and you don’t want to take constant bathroom breaks. If there’s turbulence, you may not get drink service for much of the flight, if at all. Plus, it’s much more environmentally friendly to bring a reusable water bottle than to buy a single use one in the airport gift shop. Just take it through security empty and fill it at a drinking fountain on the other side.

5. Travel blanket or blanket scarf. I am rather fond of the blanket scarf. Since it’s a fashion accessory, you can wear it through security without it taking up space in your bag. And once on board, it’s a nice cozy blanket. The airline provided blankets you sometimes get on longer flights are usually really thin, small, and don’t provide much warmth.

6. Noise canceling headphones. With these bad boys, I can sleep without noisy disruptions, or listen to my entertainment without interruption from loud plane sounds.