I recently took a trip to Roatan, Honduras. One of the major things this island is known known for is its diving and snorkeling. About a week before my trip, I pulled out my nearly six year old water proof camera only to find it would no longer turn on. Upon further inspection, I found a small area of corrosion near the battery port. After six years of snorkeling, it was no more. A moment of silence, please.


With only a week to go, I needed to find another waterproof camera solution. That’s how I came across the ProShotCase. This iPhone case keeps your phone completely waterproof up to 50 feet underwater. Perfect for snorkeling, diving, surfing, and more. The case comes with a floating grip and it is compatible with all GoPro mounts, but I ended up purchasing a floating wrist strap for pretty cheap on Amazon.


To use the case, you need to download the free app that has an underwater mode and other settings to get you the best images. The touch screen still works with the case on, but not underwater, so the app is essential to get the buttons on the case to do what you want.

I took it with me snorkeling and felt like I got some really good images and some video clips. The color and quality deteriorated if you’re trying to capture something farther away from you as would happen with most underwater cameras.


My phone stayed safe and dry for the entire hour and a half I was in the water, and the buttons on the case worked perfectly with my phone.

If you’re looking for a good sturdy phone case for your outdoor and underwater activities, look no further.