Last week I was shopping at Target when I found myself looking through their face mask selection. I’ll admit I’m not a skin care or beauty guru. I take care of myself, but I’ve only rarely used products like face masks, and never the peel-off ones. However, I’ve recently been having a lot of break outs. I don’t know if it’s stress or seasonal changes or what. But when I saw that Target had a Yes To peel-off charcoal mask, I decided to give it a try!


I’ve been seeing a lot online recently about charcoal beauty and skincare products. From toothpastes, to scrubs, to face masks, the stuff is everywhere. I’ve thought about trying them before, but never took the plunge. There are some videos online showing people having trouble, even pain, when peeling off the masks. This made me a little nervous. Seeing as they haven’t been yanked from the shelves yet, I decided to assume that those people were just doing it wrong.

Using The Mask

After washing my face with my usual cleanser, I applied the mask according to the instructions on the package and waited about 12 minutes for it to dry. By the time it dried, I couldn’t really move my face too much. Then became the fun task of peeling.


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

It was a little challenging to get the edges to start peeling in sheets instead of little pieces at a time. Once it did, it came off quickly and easily and wasn’t painful at all. Once I got most of it off, I rinsed my face to get any remaining mask removed.

My face felt so fresh and clean after! I can’t believe I haven’t been using masks all along. I may have to start making this a weekly thing!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Comment to let me know your favorite face masks I should try!