Gigantic Turtle Bone Fossil Now Complete

A gigantic ancient sea turtle fossil piece was found in New Jersey back in 2012. After doing a little research, it was discovered that the other half of that same bone was found over 100 years ago and was being housed at the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University. The puzzle was complete. Now…

Baby Gorilla and Mama Reunited

A baby gorilla, which was delivered by emergency C-section at the San Diego Zoo, was reunited with its mama yesterday after being treated in their veterinary hospital for pneumonia and other respiratory problems. Baby and mom, Imani, are doing well. In the video, we see Imani carrying and holding her baby and nursing the little…

‘Blackfish’ stirring up more trouble for Sea World

Exciting news this past week! A bill has been introduced by Richard Bloom, the Assemblyman for California’s 50th district, and the chair of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Natural Resources and Transportation, that would ban the use of orcas for entertainment and stunt shows like those that draw in the crowds at SeaWorld, and allow them only to…

Mega Snake vs Croc

I know, I know. It sounds like a silly sci-fi movie. A python in Australia was caught on film swallowing a crocodile whole. It must have been an amazing awe-inspiring thing to witness. Check out some of the pictures below! Image/Story Source:

Baby Elephant Pulled Out of Sinkhole

A baby elephant in India slipped into a sinkhole along side a train track earlier this month. A passing train noticed the little guy and stopped to assist him. The passengers gave him food and worked together to pull him out. While frightened by the whole ordeal, he was uninjured and okay.

Love this!

This little gorilla is so stinking cute! I love it! Happy weekend everyone 🙂    

A Beary Lucky Grizzly Bear

Just over a month ago, Marley, a 300 pound grizzly bear was rescued from a sketchy roadside attraction in Georgia where she, along with about 17 other bears, were kept in cement pits where people could pay to feed them. The 7-year old bear and her companions were rescued and moved to the Wild Animal…

February 27th: International Polar Bear Day

Today is International Polar Bear Day! Check out this cool footage of some wild polar bears caught with an nifty iceberg spy camera. For more cool polar bear videos, check out Animal Planet’s list of the Top 20 Polar Bear Videos.